Eagle Ops Story

Eagle Ops first began in 2016 as an outreach program founded by Johnathon, a United States Marine and his wife, Jessica Shepherd.  It started with a desire to give their business (Americom Technologies Group, LLC) greater purpose as well as fulfill their aspiration to be difference makers in the Veteran Community.  As an outreach program, Eagle Ops began “Serving Our Veterans, One Operation at a Time.” This was accomplished thru volunteering, event participation, fundraising and connecting veterans to the many resources available to them thru the veteran service organizations in our community.

As their involvement in the community grew, Johnathon and Jessica began expanding their vision of what Eagle Ops could be and how it could serve our veterans.  In 2018, they joined forces with friend and fellow Marine Veteran, Stacy Hester.  Stacy’s experience and knowledge in the veteran space along with his passion to help veterans in their transition home aligned with the vision Johnathon and Jessica had for the future of Eagle Ops.  Together, they worked to focus the mission and organize the Eagle Ops programs.

In August 2018, The Eagle Ops Foundation Fund was established thru the Tulsa Community Foundation (a tax-exempt, non-profit organization.) The creation of the fund provided an opportunity for charitable donations to be accepted for the general mission of Eagle Ops while providing tax deduction benefits to the donors.

Visit our Website at WWW.EAGLEOPS.ORG  Or Check out our Facebook page at - https://www.facebook.com/eagle.ops1  If you have an organization, fundraiser or event you would like EAGLE OPS to consider, please e--mail us at  Events@EAGLEOPS.ORG 

“No one can help EVERYONE, but EVERYONE can help someone.” – Ronald Regan

“Be an encourager in a world full of critics.”

“We learned alongside one another, in teams where admired leadership built teamwork, where free men and women could change the world.” General J. Mattis