What: Eagle OPS Freedom Shoots are a controlled range shooting event.

When: 3rd Saturday of every month ( Unless Specified otherwise)

Where: Tulsa Gun Club - 8888 Mohawk Blvd, Tulsa, OK from 10am - 1pm

Who: Who is welcome.  Eagle OPS encourages all active duty, reservists, veterans, families and all patriots to join them for every Mission!

Why: To provide veterans and other attendees an opportunity To have some fun putting rounds down range, to build relationships, get connected with resources and ease the difficult transition of returning home.

How: How to register for this event.  GO to WWW.EAGLEOPS.ORG/FREEDOMSHOOTS

What are Freedom Shoots?

Eagle OPS Freedom Shoots are controlled range shooting events held the 3rd Saturday of every month at Tulsa Gun Club.  At each Freedom Shoot, 10 veterans and/or service members participate free of charge (weapons & ammo provided), thanks to our partners and sponsors.  With our Rise Armament Watchman Rifles, veterans and service members participate in timed shooting competition. The competition is a super fun and easy but competitive modified 3 gun style course.  At the end of the shoot, the competitor with the best time of the day receives a prize. They are then eligible to compete in a championship event in November.  Eagle OPS encourages active duty, reservists, veterans, families and all patriots to come to the Freedom Shoots.

Freedom Shoots offer friendly competition but more importantly, they provide veterans and other attendees an opportunity to build relationships and ease the difficult transition of returning home from active duty. While participants wait their turn they can enjoy coffee and visit with an on-site Veteran Service Officer to assist with VA Claims benefits, questions or needs.

Together we can continue the Eagle OPS mission of “connecting relationships and resources to bring our heroes home, one operation at a time.”

Competition Rules & Guidelines:

Eagle OPS Freedom Shoot applicants will be selected on a first come / first serve basis. Proof of service or veteran status must be submitted to be selected. We will select 10 service members or Veterans per shoot. Service Members / Veterans are ALWAYS encouraged to bring their families to our events. **Shooting age requirement is 12 years and up with a legal guardian present.


**Previous year WINNERS of the Eagle OPS AR15 WILL NOT be eligible to compete for 2 years in any Freedom Shoots Competition but will always be welcome to attend any and all Freedom Shoot events. (Example: The 2019 Winner will not be eligible until 2022.)

**If you have attended but did NOT win one of our previous 2020 Freedom Shoots you are welcome compete to again, but first time participants will have shooting priority.  

**If you intend to bring a family member that is a service member /veteran also, please have them register themselves and provide proof of service. This way we can ensure they are eligible for prizes and the November Challenge where top shooters from each previous 10 months will compete for a brand new, Eagle OPS engraved AR15.

Meet Our Coordinators

The Eagle OPS Freedom Shoots are a mission under our Reach One More Operations. We want Freedom Shoots to be an enjoyable and safe day at the range for all participants. We knew we had to enlist two very qualified Difference Makers to help us accomplish the mission!
We are proud to introduce two of our Reach One More Mission Coordinators!

Jerry Shepherd - Freedom Shoots Coordinator

Jerry is a Marine Corps Veteran, who served honorably as a Rifleman and Marksmanship Coach. He served with the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines and deployed multiple times to Afghanistan and Iraq during his 10 years of service. Today, Jerry is an electrician and is active in all Eagle OPS Operations.
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