EAGLE OPS Foundation – Mission : "Connecting Relationships and Resources to bring our Heroes Home, One Operation at a Time.  

EAGLE OPS focuses on being active in the community, creating rally points/opportunities to connect and build relationships with veterans, veteran families and Patriots.  Through these relationships EAGLE OPS identifies the service members needs and connects them with the resources to assist them.  

EAGLE OPS mobilize under four main operations: Outreach, Reach One More, Difference Makers and Grants/Scholarships.  These four operations create a platform for our boots on the ground missions.    

  • Outreach Connection, Collaboration and support of the many veteran service organizations to ensure opportunities to connect veterans with the relationship and resources available to them
  • Reach One More – Community operations where veterans, veteran families , and patriots form meaningful bonds with each other through social events and activities. These connections build meaningful relationships that combat loneliness and isolation
  • Difference Makers – Recognizing the deep military cultural mindset of  “Service” that our veterans hold dear, we actively engage community partners to provide opportunities for veterans, veteran families and patriots to be Difference Makers by connecting with each other and their communities through acts of service and volunteerism.
  • Grants/Scholarships – This operation is in the mission planning stages and will be released once the critia and focus has been identified and created.

For more information you can Check out our Facebook page at - https://www.facebook.com/eagle.ops1  If you have an organization, fundraiser or event you would like EAGLE OPS to consider, please e--mail us at  Events@EAGLEOPS.ORG 

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