Beyond the parades and homecoming celebrations… there’s a battle our veterans are still fighting when they leave the military.

Veteran suicide rates outpacing those who never served.


Local organizations trying to stop that by simply lending a hand to their fellow veteran.

“Our main goal is connecting veterans with resources and those veterans we want to create relationships with and connect them with those resources so that they do not actually commit suicide,” said Johnathon Shepherd, a founding partner of Eagle Ops and Disabled U.S. Marine Veteran.

Shepherd’s group tries to build bridges between veterans and the organizations that can get our heroes the help they need.

Eagle Ops founders said they’ve seen the data, more than 300,000 veterans living in Oklahoma and only about 110,000 have signed up with the VA.

Just by registering with the VA, Shepherd said a veteran is 60% less likely to commit suicide.


“You don’t think you need it, you don’t think you want it, don’t think you deserve it, go in there for your fellow brother, your fellow veteran and get connected. Just register with the VA…,” said Shepherd.

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